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      BIM(Building Information Modeling) it is an emerging department of the hospital. It is mainly the process of unifying and coordinating all stages of planning, design, construction and management. It is the operation process of converting the concept of using standards into corresponding data.

      The business that the building informatization model can undertake includes: various industrial and civil buildings, water conservancy engineering, road engineering, water supply and drainage engineering plan formulation, initial design, construction drawing design forward design, etc. Mainly through BIM's visualization, coordination, simulation, optimization and graphability, the two-dimensional design is more intuitively expressed through three-dimensional.

      At present, our business scope includes Shijiazhuang City, Baoding City, Anguo City, Fuping County and other prefecture-level cities and subordinate regions in Hebei Province. Shenyang, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Sichuan and other provinces and cities also have related businesses.

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