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      Modern agriculture

      Agricultural water conservancy engineering is based on hydrology, hydraulics and engineering mechanics. It studies the use of irrigation and drainage engineering measures to adjust farmland water conditions and change regional water regime distribution, eliminate floods and droughts, scientifically use water resources, and develop agricultural production and improve ecology. Comprehensive discipline of environmental services.

      Modern Agricultural Planning and Design Institute can undertake business including: channel seepage engineering, low-pressure pipeline water delivery engineering, field water-saving surface irrigation engineering, sprinkler irrigation engineering, micro-irrigation engineering, rainwater harvesting irrigation engineering, etc. The main purpose is to adjust the water condition of farmland; change and adjust the water condition of the area. The condition of farmland moisture generally refers to the condition of soil water, surface water, groundwater and related soil nutrients, aeration, and thermal conditions in the farmland. Insufficient or excessive water in the farmland will affect the normal growth of crops and crop yields. Irrigation and drainage are the water conservancy engineering measures that regulate the water condition of farmland.

      At present, our institute has completed more than 200 projects. Key projects include the water-saving irrigation project in the forest and fruit industry belt in Fuping County, the comprehensive management of groundwater over-extraction in Shenze County, the groundwater efficient water-saving irrigation project, and the park irrigation project in Anguo City. Including Shijiazhuang City, Baoding City, Anguo City, Fuping County and other prefecture-level cities and subordinate regions in Hebei Province, Shenyang, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Sichuan and other provinces and cities also have related businesses.

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