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      Water Resources

      The Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower can undertake various technical consultations such as water planning, water conservancy engineering design, construction project flood control impact assessment, water resources demonstration, water and soil conservation preparation, etc. The project phases include technical consultation, project proposal, feasibility study report, preliminary design , Construction drawing design, etc.

      Water planning includes water development planning, river planning, flood control planning, water resources planning, water and soil conservation planning, post-reservoir resettlement support planning, farmland water conservancy planning, etc.

      The design of water conservancy projects includes comprehensive water conservancy projects, hydraulic building projects, flood control and drainage projects, rainwater utilization projects, reservoir reinforcement projects, water-saving irrigation projects, farmland drainage projects, water diversion projects, safe drinking water projects, and urban water supply projects. Drainage engineering, ecologically clean small watershed engineering design, etc.; among them, comprehensive water conservancy projects include river improvement projects, river and lake water system pivot projects, reservoir projects, and river and lake water system ecological environment improvement projects; hydraulic building projects mainly include gates, dams, culverts , Canals, pumping stations and other wading structures.

      Technical consulting services include development and construction project flood control impact assessment reports, water resources demonstration reports, water rationality analysis, water-related matters demonstration reports, and soil and water conservation plan preparation, etc.

      At present, our institute has completed more than 300 projects. Key projects include the river-crossing protection project of the Hebei section of the Beijing-Xiongan New Area Expressway, the relocation project of the centralized drinking water source site in Anguo City, and the Erxianju, a tributary of the Wulie River in the upper reaches of the Luan River in Chengde City. The ecological governance project covers 11 prefecture-level cities and subordinate regions including Shijiazhuang City and Baoding City in Hebei Province, and many provinces and cities including Jilin Province, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia Province, and Sichuan Province.

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