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      Municipal Engineering

      Municipal engineering (including: roads, bridges, water supply and drainage, thermal gas, environmental engineering)

      ?Bridge Engineering mainly include extra-large bridges, bridges, medium bridges and small bridges and culverts; reinforced concrete cast-in-place beam bridges, precast beam bridges, deck, half-through and through arch bridges, steel-concrete composite structure bridges, steel structure bridges and pedestrian crossings Sky bridge, suspension bridge and cable-stayed bridge, etc. The company is based on the design of the bridge structure, while taking into account the design of the bridge landscape, combining the design of the bridge structure with the bridge aesthetics, and striving to create high-quality bridge projects.

      ?Thermal Engineering Design

      Thermal engineering design business covers thermal planning, consulting, design, etc., mainly engaged in pipelines for municipal heating primary pipe network, residential secondary pipe network construction, expansion or reconstruction; boiler room, heat exchange station, relay pump station, air source heat pump , Water source heat pump, ground source heat pump and other process system design. It can provide customers with the services of preparing thermal special plans, project proposals, and feasibility study reports. Be able to carry out thermal engineering scheme design, preliminary design and construction drawing design.

      The composite heat source system design adopts a composite heat source system that complements renewable energy and non-renewable energy. According to regional energy advantages, adopt air source heat pump units, sewage source heat pump units, water source heat pump units, ground source heat pump units, absorption heat pump units, unpowered solar energy, hot water boilers, electric heating, coal-fired boilers and other technologies. , To maximize the use of renewable energy, reduce the overall energy consumption of the heating pipe network, save energy and reduce consumption and emission reduction.

      It can provide one-to-one system solutions for different types of customers such as civil, public construction, commerce, parks, and industry.

      ?Gas engineering design

      The gas engineering design business covers gas planning, consulting, design, etc., and is mainly engaged in the design of municipal gas pipeline networks and courtyard gas pipeline networks. Can provide customers with the preparation of gas special planning, project proposal, feasibility study report services. Be able to carry out gas engineering scheme design, preliminary design and construction drawing design.

      It can provide one-to-one system solutions for different types of customers such as civil, public construction, commerce, parks, and industry.

      ?Water supply and drainage profession it is our company’s traditional advantage specialty, involving water supply engineering, drainage engineering, integrated pipe gallery, sponge city, etc. Water supply and drainage engineering technology is a technology strongly advocated by the country, which contributes to municipal development policies and energy conservation and emission reduction. Protection can better promote the rapid development of the construction industry.

      The field of water supply engineering can undertake the design consultation of water supply plants and pipeline projects of various scales, as well as the planning and design of urban water supply projects, and has completed a number of special plans for water supply systems, and thousands of water supply projects using surface water and groundwater as water sources;

      In the field of drainage engineering, it can undertake the design consultation of various scales of sewage plant stations, reclaimed water plant stations and drainage pipeline projects, as well as special urban drainage planning, and in the overall planning of urban drainage system, urban sewage, flood control, rainwater and sewage pipe network design, etc. Have strong technical expertise and advantages. And gradually expand to the professional areas of integrated pipe gallery and sponge city;

      The integrated pipe gallery can improve the efficiency of land use, reduce the impact and interference on traffic and residents' travel due to the new maintenance of underground pipelines and excavation roads, facilitate the laying, addition, maintenance and management of various engineering pipelines, and increase the durability of engineering pipelines , Reduce the number of manhole covers on the road, and ensure the overall landscape of the city. Our company participated in the compilation of "National Standards for the Operation and Service Specifications of Urban Comprehensive Pipelines";

      The construction of sponge cities is conducive to the improvement of urban drainage, flood control, and anti-risk capabilities. It has played an important role in effectively alleviating the decline of urban groundwater level, reducing urban waterlogging, replenishing urban water sources, reducing water pollution, and benefiting urban residents. Drainage engineering design combines the concept of sponge city.

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