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      Chengxing has signed a team of academicians of the French Academy of Arts. Chinese and French industry elites join hands to build a high-quality design team and actively participate in international competition

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      Recently, the industrial joint forum between Qingdao Rongyuan, Sino-French Rongyuan and Chengxing (stock code: 831415) was successfully held, and the two sides conducted friendly discussions on the principle of complementing each other's advantages and win-win cooperation. Qingdao rongyuan text brigade group co., LTD., chairman of wen-wen li li, general manager assistant, method of rongyuan Mr Chen, general manager of the French academy of sciences and the di, Mr BeiNaiM, sino-french rongyuan director Chen Yan line to city hing shares, and the city hing co shu-quan li, general manager, group marketing director Zhao Zhigang ZhuangXinTong, financial management center, the securities management center general manager, deputy general manager zhang super, bo yan, deputy general manager of TRW Liu Xianhua Guo Lipeng charm design, deputy general manager and other leaders collusion between the future situation, promote the establishment of strategic cooperative relations has carried on the discussion.

      Since the focus on the layout of East China regional market business this year, Chengxing shares and Qingdao Rongyuan, Sino-French Rongyuan in the industrial layout, cultural concept, development strategy and other directions happened to be the same, the two sides have established a deep friendship on the basis of good communication.

      At the symposium, Li Shuquan, General Manager of Chengxing Co., Ltd., warmly welcomed the arrival of Li Wenwen, Chairman of Qingdao Rongyuan Co., Ltd., and introduced the current business development situation of Chengxing Co., Ltd., the upgrading of key advantages and the vision of its future development. He said that as a model of mixed ownership under the national fund for small and medium-sized enterprises, Chengxing Stock has steadily increased its market performance in recent years, its team size and technical level have been upgraded by leaps and leaps, and its business has basically covered most provinces and cities across the country. With the establishment of Xiongan New Area, it has actively undertaken several design projects of the new area, and created a batch of excellent design projects with benchmarking, highly integrating into the integration construction process of Beijing, Tianjin and Xiongxiong. In the future, city hing shares will be adhering to the group "to do the guardian of the human livable environment" of the enterprise mission, give full play to the industry in the design of municipal technical resources, social resources and brand influence, project operating management advantages, and Qingdao melt source, the source strong joint, fully explore cooperation opportunities and channels, establishing strategic cooperative relations, focus on shaping the high-quality goods project, make industry benchmarking.

      Mr. Li Wenwen, Chairman of Qingdao Rongyuan, expressed appreciation and recognition for the development performance of Chengxing in recent years, and affirmed and appreciated the long-term pursuit of friendly communication, equality and mutual benefit between the two sides. He also said that both parties belong to large enterprises and share the same goal and vision. The advantages of joining the Academician team of Academia de Arts Francaise, which is a strong resource guarantee for both parties to create opportunities for cooperation and development. We are willing to further strengthen communication and exchanges with Chengxing, give full play to our respective advantages in resources, actively seek cooperation opportunities, seek common development and mutual benefit, jointly create a wonderful chapter of high-quality development for both sides, and make greater contributions to national development and the construction of the new district.

      Member of the French academy dean, Mr BeiNaiM cooperation on symposium expressed strong interest and confidence, says Mr BeiNaiM that city hing shares in China municipal design industry development level and the technical strength is worth affirmation, member of the French design team would like to actively explore the cooperation mode and development together with the city hing co channel, stop to highs, carefully polished and jointly create a spirit in the history of Chinese and international leading, design the soul, the characteristic, high-end design projects. "I hope that the design concept of the team of Academicians of the French Academy of Arts can be highly integrated and firmly implemented in China", Mr. Due-Benem expressed his aspirations with full vision.

      Mr. Dieter Benem, Academician of the French Academy of Arts, visited Xiongan Sharing Center

      Mr. Di Nenaim, Academician of the French Academy of Arts, visited the Citizen Service Center of Xiongan New Area

      The open, inclusive and win-win mentality that Chengxing shares always adhere to is to borrow the world's intellectual resources and establish a grand cultural view. In Xiongan New Area, Chengxing Company has actively undertaken a number of sample projects such as the "Three Schools and One College" turnkey project and the supporting project of Anzhou characteristic town. Its technical strength and development space are self-evident, which provides a solid foundation for win-win cooperation and innovation and sharing between the two parties. The two sides will make steady explorations, cooperate with each other and make progress together from a new starting point, and create a batch of international and high-end benchmark projects for China's development and the construction of new areas.
      Note: Mr. Dieter Benem, academician of the French Academy of Arts, a famous French lawyer for the protection of art property rights, a permanent representative of the cooperation between the French Academy of Arts and Chinese cultural institutions and museums, and an international development consultant of the National Art Museum of China.
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