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      Adhering to the system innovation concept guided by technical services, from excellence to excellence, to be the industry leader

      Under the National Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Development Fund, a model of mixed ownership and an outstanding urban designer—Hebei Chengxing Municipal Design Institute Co., Ltd. (stock code: 831415, stock abbreviation: Chengxing shares), was established on August 5, 2009 With a registered capital of 101.91 million yuan, it is a national high-tech enterprise with strong new technology research and development capabilities and promotion capabilities. The company now has Grade A qualifications for municipal industry credit evaluation of engineering consulting units; Grade A qualifications for engineering design and municipal industry (road engineering, bridge engineering, drainage engineering); Grade A qualifications for engineering design highway industry (highway); Engineering design and construction industry (construction) Engineering) Grade A qualification; Grade B qualification for engineering design and municipal industry; Special Grade B qualification for landscape architecture design; Grade B qualification for urban and rural planning preparation; Grade B qualification for engineering survey (geotechnical engineering survey).

      Chengxing Co., Ltd. takes "brand establishment, science and technology, innovative design, harmonious development" as its governance policy, "achieves transcendence from ordinary" as its corporate philosophy, and "strict, meticulous, practical, precise, accurate, and stable" For the work style, the unremitting pursuit of quality is cast. There are talents, complete specialties, sophisticated equipment and advanced technology. There are 370 employees, including 50 with senior titles and 185 with intermediate titles.

      Chengxing Co., Ltd. is based on various municipal engineering design and consulting, featuring landscape architecture, urban space art design and environmental engineering design, with high-end civil architecture and intelligent industrial building design as its highlights, relying on the advantages of technical talents and a good corporate brand The image and business quickly spread across the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and other provinces and cities in China. The Northwest Region with Yinchuan as the center, the Southwest Region with Chengdu as the center, and the East China Region with Hangzhou as the center, were established throughout the country. The South China Region with Wuhan as the center, the Northeast Region with Shenyang as the center. It also has seven subsidiaries, namely Tianjin Haishun Traffic Engineering Design Co., Ltd., Beijing Boyan Tianhe Space Art Design Co., Ltd., Huayun Architectural Design Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Chengxing Space Information Technology Co., Ltd., Xi'an Chengxingtian Yue Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd.,  Beijing Tadpole Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Wanfang International Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd. At the same time, ten branches were established in Ningxia Branch, Sichuan Branch, Beijing Branch, Tianjin Branch, Liaoning Branch, Shandong Branch, Shenzhen Branch, Jiangsu Branch, Xiong'an Branch and Shaanxi Branch.

      Chengxing shares actively connect with the international market, take international high-end design enterprises as a benchmark, and continuously strengthen cooperation with well-known research institutions and design institutes at home and abroad, and establish strategies with Henn, SBA, SA-P in Germany, Chapman Taylor in the UK, and SOM in the US Partnership. And signed a cooperation agreement with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to jointly develop the application of big data in the field of engineering design.

      Borrowing the world's intellectual resources and establishing a grand cultural outlook, Chengxing Co., Ltd. will become a first-class engineering design consulting company, adhere to the concept of green energy-saving, ecological and environmental protection planning and design, and be the guardian of the human livable environment.

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